Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Liberals Revolt Over Public Option

Finally, Liberal Democrats Revolt Over Public Option

Health Care Concession Riles Left

Without Public Option, There is No Reform!

Obama Picks Fight With Left on Health Reform

White House Appears Ready to Drop Public Option

William Greider, Is Obama Squandering Our Best Chance for Better Health Care?

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Myron said...

Also, Rep. Dennis Kucinich stated that Obama should go back to the drawing board and take another look at HR 676 again. While I definately think he should, do you think this will be a good idea? While there are a couple of people and organizations who support Single payer, there are still numerous myths and lies that many people still believe about it. Most independents, about 66% of them do not want it along with about 80-90% republicans, conservatives, and libertarians.

If Obama does go back and take another look at HR 676 (which I doubt he will do). He needs to get all of the organizations like: PNHP, Democracy Now, and Healthcare Now!! to help him dispel the myths and lies that are associated with single payer.