Tuesday, August 04, 2009

Corporate-Backed "Tea-Baggers" Sabotage Democratic Healthcare Townhall Meetings

The medical-insurance corporate profiteers are launching an all-out guerilla war on serious health care reform.

Unable to pass health care reform before their August recess, Democrats in Congress have allowed the insurance companies an d anti-reform lobbyists to expand their campaign of lies against a public option for health insurance. Anti-reform groups, like "Conservatives for Patients Rights" (led by former insurance executive Rick Scott) have teamed up with the anti-Obama right-wing "tea-baggers" to sabotage the townhall meetings being held by Democratic representatives during the August recess.

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Myron said...

It is a real mess. These fake grassroots groups are stopping our one chance to get a good health care option (although single payer is better). We need to get out there and convince people that these groups are nothing but a rabble with nothing but lies.