Saturday, August 08, 2009

Countering Right-Wing Nuts and their Lies: Cut the Crap!

The right-wing nuts were out here in Memphis today to "protest" at a Townhall meeting by our 9th Dist. Rep. Steve Cohen on healthcare. Most were not from the 9th District, but from other conservative districts around Memphis. As they have across the nation, they chanted and yelled all the same right-wing lies and talking points. They were rude and wouldn't allow anyone to talk or present opposing facts.

Here are some sites to bookmark and use to counter these debunked LIES:

Media Matters: Debunking the Myths About Healthcare

Freedomworks False Talking Points on Health Reform

White House Health Reform Reality Check

I like this one:
This person deconstructs the right-wing "quotes" from the healthcare bill--page per page!
Deconstructing Right-Wing Lies on the Healthcare Bill Pages 1-500

Deconstructing Right-Wing Lies on the Healthcare bill Pages 500-730

My question is why are right-wing protesters, many old, able to mobilize large protests and the liberal/progressives cannot counter them? What happened to the "radical" protesters of the 1960s and 1970s? Why are the liberals being so polite and quiet and allowing the right-wing to KILL not only a single-payer insurance system, but even a weak "public option"?

I agree with this Buzz Flash Commentary: Stop Complaining About Right-Wing Protests! The Left Should be (Re) Learning!


Republicans Use Chaos as a Shock Doctrine to Create Authoritarian Rule

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Myron said...

I agree you with Jim. Me and my friend at my school are wandering what ever happened to the radical/progressive protestors of the 60's and 70's? It seems like the protesting mentality left our modern progressives years ago. While I still would like a single payer that pays for everything, a weak public option is still a little better than what we have now. And there are more progressives in this country now than before. It is should be easy to get out there and counteract these right-wingers.