Sunday, August 16, 2009

Obama/Democrats Cave In to Right-Wing Protests

Turns out Obama is NOT a socialist after all, hell he ain't even a LIBERAL!

White House Ready to Drop "Public Option"

The Democratic Party has been bought off by the Insurance Companies, and the rest of the "health care" industry. They killed the most popular, most efficient and in Obama's own words, the ONLY way to get UNIVERSAL health care (Single-Payer, Medicare for ALL), and now they are dropping the watered-down "Public Option"..

Sebelius: Public Option "Not Essential Element"

Sen. Conrad (D-N.D.): Public Option "Wasted Effort"

Maybe now the LEFT will start protesting at some townhall meetings!

Hint: Socialist Party USA

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Myron said...

Now they are saying the only thing that might happen is a combination of the CO-OP with a public plan. As much I like co-ops, it will not solve the problem with health care.

In other news, Obama has finally decided to try and repeal DOMA: