Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Obama Wins Again: Last Debate

According to most polls, Obama trounced John McCain Again in the third and last Presidential debate.

I thought Obama did "OK," but once again he held back on many punches that should have knocked John McCain out of his chair.
McCain was on the offense again and was punching away. Obama played it calm and cool, which seems to be working for him.
I understand that, but I just wish Obama would have hit back more on a few issues.

First, Obama has not yet pointed out that John McCain OPPOSED the Bush tax cuts, which he now supports. When McCain starts spouting the right-wing "class war" talking points, Obama should quote John McCain's arguments AGAINST the Bush tax cuts.

Obama should make it clearer to the voters that we have to PAY for government somehow. The issue is WHO should be paying more and who should be paying less. Yes that is class war, and the middle class has been losing that war. It is time for the RICH to do more to pay for the Bush-McCain Iraq occupation. When McCain attacks Obama for "raising taxes" during an economic crisis, Obama should respond that no president has ever CUT taxes on the rich during war time!

If anyone had any illusion that John McCain is a "moderate" Republican, McCain showed tonight that he has caved in to the right-wing religious fundamentalist base of the Republican party. The scariest thing I heard in this debate was John McCain's rhetoric accusing pro-choice people of being "pro-abortion," and referring to "women's health" exemptions on abortion as an "extreme pro-abortion" position!

Not only should this debate move the remaining "PUMA" Clintonites back to Obama, McCain will loose more independent voters as well.

Obama seems to be winning these debates without much effort, without even throwing any hard punches.

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