Wednesday, October 29, 2008

David Duke's 2008 "European American" Conference Nov. 8-9

David Duke's "European American" Conference is Coming to the Mid-South next weekend!

White Power Summit Being Held in Mississippi Nov. 8-9

From the DeSoto Times:
OLIVE BRANCH — A White Power summit billed as the International Euro Conference featuring former Neo-Nazi and Klansman David Duke and other white supremacists will apparently go on as planned at Whispering Woods Hotel and Conference Center in Olive Branch Nov. 8-9.

The conference will go on despite the fact the hotel may have been duped into believing the conference involved environmental concerns.

Jacob Flowers, director of the Mid-South Peace and Justice Center in Memphis, said it’s his understanding the conference organizers may have misled the conference center’s management about the conference’s goals and objectives by representing the group as an environmental organization.

“Our concerns are many,” Flowers said. “Especially from a group that espouses such hateful beliefs. We recently had white power terrorists in our area.”

Flowers was referring to three young men from the Mid-South who planned to murder and behead 14 African-Americans at random and then attempt the life of Democratic Presidential candidate Barack Obama. The three men reportedly communicated via Internet sites such as the Stormfront Web site.

Whispering Woods issued a statement that they "were not initially informed that the ultimate user of the facility would be the Euro Group."

Hotel representatives said they do not endorse the purposes of the Euro Group.

Law enforcement agencies will be out en force to monitor the activities of the group.

UPDATE: Whispering Woods Conference Center Manager Quits

UPDATE: Duke Planning New Site for White Power Euro Conference


This after the ATF Stopped a Plot to Assassinate Barack Obama by members of the "Supreme White Alliance"

White Supremacists Fantasize that Obama Will Help them Recruit

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