Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Obama ("That One") Won Round 2

It's almost unanimous, Obama Won the Second Presidental Debate

I like Bob Cesca's take on the debate: "That One"?!:

"They say that Senator McCain's strong suit is the town hall debate. If this was, in fact, Senator McCain's strength, he might as well go home. Sorry... homes.

While not as smirky as the first debate, Senator McCain was jittery, reptilian (the darting tongue), scattered and overall just plain creepy. At no time was this more obvious than when he referred to Senator Obama as "that one," calling to mind some of the not-so-subtle race baiting that has been the spasmodic, desperate tactic du jour for McCain and his airheaded coward of a running mate.

Meanwhile, while Senator Obama spoke, Senator McCain appeared to wander aimlessly around the stage -- lurking in the shadows like a hissing "gangrel creature with an ill-favored look" -- Gollum with a mic....

Following this debate, McCain must know that he's lost this election, barring some major national event. Indeed, he could very well have lost this one tonight."

Honest Republicans, if there are any left, must know by now that John McCain has LOST this election!

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