Saturday, October 18, 2008

GOP Attacks ACORN to Cover their ELECTION FRAUD!

The right-wing smear machine has successfully got the corporate media to focus on alleged "voter registration fraud" by ACORN (American Communities Organized for Reform Now) to cover up massive ELECTION FRAUD by the Repubican Party. Get the FACTS:

"Voter Fraud" Charges Aim to Camaflage Voter Suppression

The Republican ACORN Hoax

Media Matters: Media Leave Out Relevant Facts On ACORN Voter Registration Allegations

The Republican Voter Fraud Hoax

GOP Terrified of American Voters!

ACORN Probe Sign of DOJ Politicization

Former U.S. Attorney David Inglesias, FBI's ACORN Probe is a "Scare Tactic"

Amy Goodman, Who Gets To Vote?

Why the Media Can't See The Trees for the ACORNS

The ACORN Hysteria

Robert F. Kennedy Jr & Greg Palast, It's Already Stolen!

AP: ACORN Controversy: Voter Fraud or Mudslinging?

Prof. Jonathan Turley: "GOP Challenges Look Like Voter Suppression"

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