Thursday, October 02, 2008

Biden vs. Palin

Joe Biden clearly won the V.P. Debate tonight. He answered the questions, Palin did not. He had facts, Palin recited talking points that usually had nothing to do with the questions she was asked. I thought she was the same dingbat we have watched in horror the past week babbling with Katie Couric. But, she stood on the stage with Joe Biden and didn't faint, which is considered a "victory" for the Palin supporters.

Biden did a masterful job of linking McCain (and Palin) to failed Bush Administration. He demolished Palin's "maverick" talking points, showing that McCain has NOT been a maverick on most important issues.

Palin made a scary argument that the Vice President should be given more power! She sounded like Dick Cheney!

Palin seemed to agree with Biden that gay couples should have the same civil rights as heterosexual couples, when actually, McCain/Palin do not support the legal recognition of any of those rights! She keeps trying to fool people into thinking she is "tolerant" of those who "choose" to be gay when her policies are not tolerant at all.

Biden flubbed the question about "domestic partnership benefits" and gay marriage as well. Like Obama and other squeemish Democrats, he opposes marriage equality for gays and lesbians but tried to say he supports "equal civil rights" for gay couples? Huh? Didn't make any sense. Instead of letting the question about D.P. benefits in Alaska make it appear that Palin supports those beneifts, Biden should have pointed out that Palin only signed the bill into law because of a court decision that said it was unconstiutional, in Alaska, to deny those benefits to gay couples. She actually supported an attempt to amend the Alaska constitution to make it legal to deny the beneifts!

Patrick Buchanan said she clearly won the debate--what planet does that fascist live on?

Luckily the viewers seem to be smarter than Buchanan, according to the CNN Polls:

After Debate, 53% Still Believe Palin Unqualified
Despite Palin exceeding expectations, majority still think Palin unqualified to take over as president.

Who Did the Best Job In the Debate?
Biden 51%
Palin 36%

Biden did better or worse than expected?
64% better
14% worse
20% same

Palin did better or worse than expected?
84% better
7% worse
8% same

Palin qualified to serve as President?

Before debate:
42% yes
54% no

After debate
46% yes
53% no

A CBS Poll of Uncommitted Voters: 46% Biden Won, 21% Palin


Thankfully, this was the ONLY V.P. Debate between Palin and Biden. Thank goodness I don't have to watch that dingbat batting her witless eyelashes on my TV again.

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