Monday, October 13, 2008

McCain/Palin: Arkansas vs. Reality

Well you wouldn't know it up here in North Arkansas where I'm taking a few days of "vacation," but McCain/Palin are loosing the election. McCain/Palin signs are everywhere up here. Driving to Blanchard Springs from my mother's place near Mtn Home I actually saw a large hand painted sign that said "Use Your Brain, Vote McCain" with a picture of what I hope was Osama Bin Laden with a noose around his neck, but it could have been Obama!

The white folks up here are scared to death of Obama! Maybe they have been listening to Sarah Palin too much. They are in denial of reality.

I haven't been able to post all the Sarah Palin news up here, but you probably saw that Sarah Palin was found GUILTY of "abuse of power" and violating Alaskan ethics laws, but for some reason the McCain/Palin campaigns keep saying she was found NOT guilty... huh?

Some good news, I put a Obama sign up in my mom's yard, and brought another one for my brother, and a few bumper stickers I was going to give to family, but an old couple drove by and begged me for my other Obama yard sign and a bumper sticker. The Democratic Party here did not order any Obama/Biden signs!

Why is it that the Republicans got their McCain/Palin signs spread all over Memphis and North Arkansas but the Democratic parties couldn't support their candidates and provide their people with signs and bumper stickers? Oh well..

I'm hearing a lot of fears about Obama being linked to terrorists, but not much about all the McCain/Palin terrorist connections. Go google McCain and G. Gordon Liddy and Palin and the Alaskan Independence Party..

Luckily the rest of the country seems to be more sane than folks up here in North Arkansas... Looks like Obama's lead over McCain keeps growing (10% according to Gallup and ABC News polls..)

And George Bush's approval rating is now 23%, even lower than Richard Nixon!
(Keep in mind that the morons supporting McCain also supported the most disliked President in history!)

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