Friday, May 23, 2008

Save the Democratic Party from Hillary Clinton!

Rachel Maddow has been right about Hillary Clinton's intentions to fight all the way to the Democratic convention to stop Barack Obama. (Rachel Maddow: Clinton to the Convention?)

Rachel is too kind to Hillary Clinton! Hillary Clinton is going to do everything and anything she can to stop Barack Obama from being nominated, and if nominated, from winning in Nov. This is not about “counting every vote” or any of the other rediculous arguments her campaign is trying to use to justify her continuing to oppose Barack Obama’s nomination. It is about Hillary Clinton’s political ambitions, which she WILL put ahead of the Democratic Party! I have tried to restrain myself, but I can no longer! Hillary Clinton is proving the worst fears about her, left and right! She has lied repeatedly, tried to scare white voters away from supporting Barack Obama, she praises John McCain and questions the experience or electablity of Barack Obama who has won MORE votes, MORE delegates and MORE states then she has! Now she wants to change the rules that she and all the candidates agreed to and count HER votes (not Obama’s!) in Michigan and Florida. (She has refused the Obama campaign offer to count HALF of the delegates in MI and FL).

Rachel Maddow is right, it is time for the Superdelegates to do their job and save the Democratic Party. If Hillary Clinton keeps the MI and FL issue going all the way to the Democratic Convention, it will destroy the Democratic Party and ensure the election of John McCain in November.

What Game Is Hillary Playing?
Nothing reveals more clearly how utterly unprincipled the Clintons are than their assertion that rules set by the Democratic Party's Rules Committee, and endorsed by all Clinton representatives on this Committee, now should be abandoned. Nothing reveals more clearly that the only rules the Clintons follow are rules which favor them. Nothing reveals how exaggerated their claims are than Hillary's recent comparison of the votes in Michigan and Florida to the civil rights movement, the suffragette movement, the fraudulent election in Zimbabwe and the 2000 election in Florida.

Hillary Clinton Claims She Is Staying in the Race Because Robert Kennedy was Assassinated in June!
(I.E., Why should she drop out before Barack Obama is Assassinated?)

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