Saturday, May 31, 2008

DNC Rules Committee Meets to Change Rules Clinton Agreed To

The DNC rules committee is meeting today to hear the challenges from the Clinton Campaign to change the rules THEY AGREED TO in MI and FL. The Clinton Circus is going on outside the meeting with hundreds (NOT thousands) of Clintonites trying to force the DNC to change the rules of the election now.

AMERICABLOG is covering the DNC Meeting Live and providing good counter argument to the Clintonites.

The Clinton campaign's argument is that the DNC must CHANGE the rules they all agreed to at the beginning, that FL and MI violated the DNC rules, and that their delegates would not be counted in the primary election. They claim this is a civil rights issue and that "every vote" should count. What they are not telling (the truth), is that the Democratic Party leaders in MI and FL openly denounced the DNC rules and knowingly and willingly violated those rules. Obama followed the DNC rules and did not campaign in FL, and he withdrew his name from the MI primary ballot. How can "every vote" be counted in these primaries where voters were told their votes would NOT count?

There is NO WAY to "count every vote" in MI and FL! Blame the DNC and the Democratic Party in MI and FL! The DNC set the rules that MI and FL Democratic Parties violated. THEY caused the voters in their states to loose a voice in this primary! Don't punish Barack Obama who followed the rules that ALL the candidates agreed to!

And DON"T punish the voters who did NOT vote because they were told, by the Democratic Party, that their votes would not count, so they followed the decision of their party and did not vote. Contrary to the emotional appeals of the Clinton supporters to "count every vote", THE FLORIDA AND MICHIGAN PRIMARIES DO NOT REFLECT THE WILL OF ALL DEMOCRATIC VOTERS IN THOSE STATES!
If the votes in MI and FL would have counted, millions of more voters would have voted! Their votes were not included in the MI and FL primaries!

It looks like there is a possible compromise coming together on counting Florida delegates, but Michigan is more difficult because Obama was not on the ballot. The Obama and the MI Democratic Party compromise allows the uncommitted votes to be allocated to Obama, but the Clinton campaign, represented by the dispicable Harold Ikes, argues that Obama should not get ANY delegates from Michigan!

It is clear that Hillary Clinton will try to take this fight all the way to the convention in August. It is time for the superdelegates to do their job and stop her from destroying the Democratic Party.

Obama Campaign Supports Compromise that Would Net Hillary 19 Delegates

DNC Florida Compromised Reached, Michigan Deal on Table

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