Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Obama Wins Oregon & Majority of Pledged Delegates

With a big win in Oregon, Barack Obama Now Has the Majority of Pledged Delgates and is within 100 delegates of being the Democratic nominee for President.
With the help of her uneducated racist base, Hillary Clinton won Kentucky by huge margin, as expected. The exit polls in Kentucky support the "Race Chasm" analysis of David Sarota:

* About one in five whites said race played a role in choosing a candidate;
* Nine in 10 of that group backed Clinton -- the highest proportion yet among the 28 states where that question has been asked in exit polls;
* Only three in 10 whites who said race was a factor said they would vote for Obama should he oppose McCain in November;
* Nearly four in 10 said they would back McCain, while the rest said they wouldn't vote.

In Oregon, Obama did better among the "white working class" and women. The Race Chasm seems to be regional, the South and Appalachia where Repubilcans usually win anyway.

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elaine said...

"About one in five whites said race played a role in choosing a candidate."

and those are just the people who will admit to it! There are way more people who are turned off by his race but justify their nonsupport by quoting various Faux News talking points. They say they don't like his preacher, but at the same time they claim he's a Muslim, etc.

Plenty of people can disagree with him and prefer another candidate without being racist, but I think racism factors in a lot more than folks will admit.