Sunday, April 02, 2006

Rep. Henri Brooks

Recently representatives of Tennessee Equality Project and
Initiative:Fairness met with representatives in Nashville to discuss
gay/lesbian, bisexual and transgender issues. I was disturbed to hear that
one of our "Democratic" representatives, Henri Brooks (Rep. Dist 92) voiced
her opposition to gay rights and said that her constituents were black
churches and that the glbt community was not "predominant enough" for her to
support glbt-friendly legislation.

As a gay Democrat, I am embarrassed that Henri Brooks represents our party
in the state of Tennessee, and I hope her constituents and progressive
thinking Democrats will reconsider supporting her political ambitions.

Here is a link to her website with contact information:
Rep. Henri Brooks

And her is a letter I sent her:

------ Forwarded Message
From: Jim Maynard
Date: Sat, 1 Apr 2006 21:45:36 -0600
Cc: Maynard Jim
Subject: Disappointed

Dear Rep. Henri Brooks,

Representatives of Tennessee Equality Project and Initiative:Fairness,
organizations advocating civil rights for gay, lesbian, bisexual and
transgender people, met with you to discuss your lack of support for
glbt civil rights legislation. They have reported that you stated that
the GLBT community is not "predominant enough" for you to support
GLBT-friendly legislation, and that your constituents were
African-American churches.

It is very disturbing that a Democratic representative would make such
a statement and disregard not only the civil rights of gay and lesbian
people, many of whom live in your district, but that you would limit
your representation to black churches.

I would like to remind you that you represent all the constituents in
your district, including gays and lesbians, and I hope that when
progressive-thinking Democrats learn of your prejudice against gays and
lesbians that they will reconsider supporting your political ambitions
in the future.

Jim Maynard

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Brad Watkins said...

I do hope that everyone who reads the above post will stand up and support our Homosexual brothers and sisters in the struggle for social justice. We here at Democracy For Memphis strongly and unapoligeticly support Civil Rights and Civil liberties for ALL Americans, not just those who look like us, think like us, or view love as we do. The struggle for Social Justice is an American issue, one that affects and defines us all. Rep Henri Brooks remarks were ill conceived, ill chosen, and just plain wrong. If this city, OUR city is even going to step out of the shadow of ignorance, racism, poverty and corruption, we must not continue to allow ourselves to be divided by those who seek to advance themselves by catering to bigotry and turning a blind eye to our common humanity. Small people have small world views.

Democracy for Memphis