Saturday, April 29, 2006

Impeachment of Bush/Cheney

The movement to impeach Bush & Cheney is growing. Repubilcan strategists are worried that if the Democrats gain control of the House or Senate, there will be hearings that would have a good chance of leading to Impeachment. I hope they are right. For this to happen, however, the leadership of the Democratic Party must show some backbone and quit running scared. If a Democratic president was guilty of they lies and crimes of Bush/Cheney, Republicans would have already impeached them!

There are many organizations and websites pushing the impeachment of Bush/Cheney, but the main ones are:

Impeach Bush
Impeach Pac

Impeach Pac's site has a citizens guide to impeachment, with lots of sample resolutions for local and state governments.
I'm sure about this, but I've heard that if a STATE legislature sends a "Petition for Impeachment of the President" to Congress, Congress will have to debate it. So there is a rush on to get a STATE resolution passed and sent to Congress.
Vermont may be the first state legislature to do this, since several cities there have already passed impeachment resolutions.
Now, could we get a resolution passed by the City of Memphis and the Tennessee legislature?

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