Saturday, April 01, 2006

McCain Panders to the GOP Christo-Fascist Base

The anti-gay Republican Christian Right continues its war on gays...Supreme Court Justice Scalia said in a recent speech that there is no constitutional right to "homosexual conduct"; the christo-fascist American Family Association is threatening to boycot Walmart for selling "Brokeback Mountain" DVDs; and it looks like future Republican presidential candidate John McCain (Sen. Ariz) is going to try to make amends with the Christian Right. He is reported to be meeting with Jerry Falwell and other religious right leaders.

I never understood why McCain is considered to be a "moderate" or "liberal" in the Republican Party: he's anti-choice, pro-military, pro-war, etc. Even gay Republicans have supported him, even though he doesn't support any gay rights legislation or policies, and has not even opposed the "don't ask don't tell" anti-gay military policy which he is not likely to take on.

The Log Cabin Republicans supported McCain against Bush, but will they continue to support him after he works to get the support of the anti-gay Christian Right to win the GOP nomination??? Probably...Uncle Tom Republicans still support Bush, and the anti-gay Republican Party!

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