Friday, April 14, 2006

Ford Jr. and the Future of the Democratic Party

Harold Ford Jr. made an appearance at his East Memphis Headquarters last Thursday. Jackson Baker reports in the Memphis Flyer that Ford said:

”I’m not a Democrat,” he said at one point, ‘running up to Washington yelling ‘Democrat, Democrat, Democrat, Democrat.’ Somebody’s going to go, and I know I make some Democrats upset at times because I’m just a believer if it works, you have to support it.”

Jr. is trying to distance himself from the Democratic Party base and win the support of Republicans and Independents. Funny how Democratic Party "strategists" seem more concerned about reaching out to the Republican base than their own base, while Republicans focus on their base...

Jr. and the TN Democratic Party think that they will be able to win enough republican support to win the Senate, but they are wrong. The Republicans will red-bait Ford Jr. despite all his denials of being one of those "liberal" nuts who support equal rights for gays, or abortion rights, or "class warfare," etc..

Anyway, you can read more about Ford Jr. and the centrist sell-out of the Democratic Party and its liberal/progressive base over on the PeskyFly and LeftwingCracker blogs...
Be sure to check out Autoegocrat's wonderful essay on the Peskyfly blog: "Where we Are, How We Got Here, and How Can We Get Out of This Mess" for a brilliant analysis of Harold Ford Jr. and the sell-out of the Democratic Party.


autoegocrat said...

Hey, not to be picky, but that's my name at the bottom.

Jim Maynard said...

Sorry Autoegocrat,
I corrected it :)

autoegocrat said...


LeftWingCracker said...

I'm doing a post right now about the write-in, Jim, you need to read it.

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