Saturday, April 29, 2006

Racist Theocrats in Democratic Party

The Republican Party is not the only party with theocrats trying to tear down the Wall of Separation between Churcha and State. While the largely white Christian Right has worked in the Republican Party to push their theocratic agenda (anti-abortion, anti-gay rights, school prayer, creationism, etc.) we seem to have a similar problem in the Democratic Party, but among largley African-American churches and clergy who also oppose abortion rights and civil rights (i.e. marriage) for gays and lesbians.
We should be alarmed by a group called the "Memphis Baptist Ministerial Association" or something like that which is concerned that a white candidate (i.e. Steve Cohen) could win the 9th Dist. House seat formerly held by Harold Ford Jr. These racist theocrats seem to be concerned that there are too many black candidate (who "have no chance of winning") who may cancel out the black candidates and allow a white candidate to win. Just imagine if these were white churches trying to stop a black candidate from winning!
These black churches need to (a) stop working with the Republican Christian Right to impose a Christian theocratic government in the U.S. and (b) stop practicing racist politics.
They should have learned by now that just because a candidate is black, that does not make them the best candidate to represent African-Americans!

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