Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Right-Wing Lies

Boy the right-wing lie machine is kicking into high gear to stop real health care reform!

The latest right-wing talking point is that the Democratic healthcare plan will force seniors to see a counselor about how to to end their lives! Obama and the Democrats want to KILL old people! Of course it is all a LIE:

Media Matters FACTCHECK: RNC "Research" Tries to Portray Democrats as Engaging in Euthanasia

Snopes Refutes the euthanasia counseling lie

Then there is the LIE that the Democratic plan would OUTLAW private insurance:

Right-wing Pundits Lying Their Asses Off About Health Reform has more on the right-wing LIES: (bookmark it!)
Born in the U.S.A.: The Truth About Obama's Birthcertificate

False Euthanasia Claims--that House Health Care Bill Pushes Suicide Nonsense!

Media Matters Debunks Myths About Healthcare Reform

All the right-wing LIES are paying off since the public is not turning against Obama's Healthcare Plan. The Obama administration and Democrats have allowed the opponents to dominate the public debate, and the media have been accomplices in silencing single-payer advocates and focusing on the conservative opposition and their propaganda against any public healthcare plan.

How Corporate Media, Sellouts in Congress And Industry Bigs have Hijacked the Health Care Debate

Republicans and the Media Allies have used FEAR, fear of a "government takeover" and Socialism to misinform and scare people away from health care reform.

DSA National Dir. Frank Llewellyn: Socialism and the Politics of Fear

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