Monday, July 27, 2009

The Corporate Lobbyists are Winning (Again)!

The lobbyists for the "health care" industry (insurance companies, etc.) are winning the fight on health care "reform." They have successfully put off Congressional action for months, giving them more time to kill any serious health care reform, especially any public option" for consumers to choose instead of their expensive insurance plans.

We are gong to have to fight like hell for a SINGLE-PAYER national health care plan now! Obama's watered-down weakened "public option" plan is dead. The conservative Democrats are siding with the Republicans against any serious reform. Now is the time to push for a real universal health care plan, which will cost less and cover everyone!

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Counterhegemony said...


The Washington Post recently reported that the private health care industry is spending more than $2 million a day in lobbying in order to shape the "reform." They are also employing a slew of ex-Senators and Representatives to do this work. A criminal process I would say.