Thursday, July 23, 2009

Obama's Healthcare "Reform" Falls Short

Obama's healthcare "reform" is falling far short of the "CHANGE" he campaigned on. Instead of leading a fight for a single-payer public health insurance program, Obama and the Democrats are proposing minor "reforms" to the current for-profit health care system that will not insure everyone, and will not control costs. The main driving force in the rising costs of healthcare and the lack of universal coverage are the profit-making private insurance companies, which keep raising premiums and deductibles, while denying full coverage, while giving $million bonuses to their CEOs.

The only viable solution to the healthcare crisis is a single-payer system, and socialized medicine. Take the profit out of healthcare!

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Myron said...

I definately want a health care system similar to Europe. The public option proposed by Obama is okay, but it is not going to cut the profit and special interest out of the healthcare industry. Only Single payer can do this and it will decrease costs. The only thing that keeps it from becoming an option here in America is when people scream SOCIALISM and RATIONING, not to mention the special interest.

The conservatives really know how to scare people and the people need to learn to wake up and smell the lies.