Monday, July 13, 2009

Stand Up to Insurance Companies--Fight for Public Universal Healthcare

The insurance companies are ratcheting up their propaganda campaign against a single-payer universal public insurance program, or even a public option in the healthcare "reform" being debated in Congress.

Everyone should read and watch what former insurance company insider Wendell Porter says about the lies of the insurance companies:

Wendell Porter on Bill Moyers Journal: How For-Profit Insurance Companies Stand in the Way of of Real Healthcare Reform
Healthcare Industry Adopts Big Tobacco PR Tactics
Dr. George McNeil, It's a Public Service, So Health Care Should Be Publicly Funded
Debunking Canadian Healthcare Myths

Fight the Insurance Companies--Get Active!
Universal Healthcare Action Network
Physicians for a National Health Program
Leadership Conference for Guaranteed Healthcare
Democratic Socialists of America

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Myron said...

Also, Senator Conrad is proposing that the government creates a Co-op health insurance company instead of a government plan. Hmm this sounds interesting, but I want to hear more about it. I still say a single payer option that is democratically run by the doctors, nurses, and patients is more porferrable.