Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Anti-Gay TN State Senator Blackmailed for Adultery

TN State Sen. Paul Stanley, "Defender of Marriage," Blackmailed for Adultery

Tennessee GOP state Sen. Paul Stanley, the architect of that state's failed ban on gay adoption, went to the authorities to complain that the husband of his mistress, an intern, was blackmailing him. Stanley was the chief architect of a bill to ban gay couples from adopting children in Tennessee.

Sen. Paul Stanley Resigns from Powerful Committee
State Sen. Stanley has resigned today as chairman of the powerful Senate Commerce, Labor and Agriculture Committee in the wake of allegations that he was the target of a blackmail attempt that linked the senator to an alleged relationship with his 22-year-old legislative intern.

Jackson Baker has more in the Memphis Flyer: Sen. Paul Stanley--Victim or Self-Victimizer?

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