Thursday, July 10, 2008

McCain/GOP Have Double Democratic Cash!

Here's why Barack Obama should NOT be wasting his time helping Hillary Clinton pay off her $20 million debt!

Republicans Have Double Democratic Cash

McCain is sitting on $97 milllion!

The McCain campaign and Republican Party have nearly $95 million cash on hand combined for use in the presidential race, campaign manager Rick Davis said Thursday. He said the McCain camp had more than $27 million, and the Republican National Committee has more than $67 million.
And, they're planning on $400 million -- including the $85 million from the public finance system:
Davis said he hopes the campaign and party will be able to raise an additional $95 million by the end of the summer. Including the matching funds, he estimated the campaign would have a total $400 million budget through Election Day.

As pointed out on AmericaBlog, McCain and the GOP are a huge financial advantage over Obama and the Democratic party.

Thanks to Hillary Clinton, the RNC and McCain got a head start on raising money for the general election, and now she wants Obama to help pay her debts instead of raising money to beat John McCain????

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