Saturday, July 05, 2008

Anti-Gay AFA Boycotts McDonalds

The anti-gay American Family Association has launched a Boycott McDonalds campaign to protest McDonald's support of the "homosexual agenda."

In other AFA stupidity news, the AFA's Christian news site One News Now had to reverse the AFA's policy of using "homosexual" instead of "gay", even in AP news stories, had to change the policy in the case of Olympic track and field star Tyson Gay.

American Family Association reverses course on 'Gays'

by PageOneQ

Is the American Family Association anti-gay... and anti-'Gay'?

OneNewsNow, the "Christian news service" covertly owned by the AFA, receives syndicated content from providers like the Associated Press and edits instances of the word "gay" to read "homosexual." Although the site is registered to the conservative, anti-gay organization, the fact is not disclosed anywhere on the site.

An article posted Sunday night about Olympic track and field star Tyson Gay was no exception.

"Tyson Homosexual easily won his semifinal for the 100 meters at the U.S. Olympic track and field trials," the article read, "and seemed to save something for the final later Sunday." The headline read "Homosexual eases into 100 final at Olympic events."

"On Saturday," it went on, "Homosexual misjudged the finish in his opening heat and had to scramble to finish fourth, then in his quarterfinal a couple of hours later, ran 9.77 to break the American record that had stood since 1999."

"Asked how he felt, Homosexual said: 'A little fatigued.'"

This morning, OneNewsNow changed its stance on 'Gays' (but not 'gays') and changed the article back to the way the AP had first written it. As late as 9:45am ET today, the online version below referenced the runner as "Tyson Homosexual"; by 10:06am ET the headline and story text had been edited to reunite Gay with his original name.

AP spokesman Jack Spokes said he could not comment without first reviewing the information first brought to him by PageOneQ. Cindy Roberts of the American Family Association said she would "take a look" at the news post. A follow-up message seeking comment on why the ownership of OneNewsNow is not disclosed on the site has not been returned.

To view the original posting, corrected version or the domain registration, click here.


Queers United said...

the afa needs to get a life

Chark said...

I donate to the AFA.