Saturday, July 12, 2008

Are Republicans Really this Stupid?

Are People (Republicans) Really This Stupid??

Today at work I got into a political discussion (which we aren’t supposed to have) with a woman (a WOMAN) who couldn’t understand why the American people did not support the war because the soldiers support it and we should too. I tried to explain that MILITARY polls and surveys shows that military soldiers overwhelmingly opposed the war now, like the general public, and disapprove of George Bush. Furthermore, over 1,000 of our soldiers in Iraq have committed SUICIDE. She responded that maybe they enlisted “to get a free ride” !!!
I could not believe people could be so blindly supportive of Bush that they would even dismiss the opposition of the troops they claim to support.

She laughed when I said the Iraq War was illegal and Bush LIED (misled) congress and the country into it. (He didn’t Know.. She said)
He KNEW! He knew Iraq didn’t pose a “clear and present” danger to the U.S.! He KNEW Iraq had nothing to do with 9/11!
Bush KNEW that Iraq had NO TIES to Al Qeda!
Bush has committed IMPEACHABLE CRIMES! (Iraq, illegal torture, wiretapping, etc..)
How can people still not KNOW these facts!

This same person is racist. She wants to move from her house because of the “neighborhood” (i.e. Blacks).
She thinks all poor people are lazy and are popping out babies to get welfare checks.
Rich people deserve to be rich, poor people are just too lazy, etc.
She thinks labor unions are evil, and Wal-Mart is a great company to work for..
She thinks Bush is a better president than Bill Clinton, who she hates...

Is this the “typical” Republican today?
And why is it that most of the SUV’s I see with “W” and Bush/Cheney stickers driven by WOMEN?

Sorry I had to vent... I just don’t understand how people could be this stupid.


Anonymous said...

You're dealing with the typical mentality of a Memphis female. It's a waste of breath to attempt to explain much of anything to these women.

A simple "yes dear" is sufficient. Shake your head, and get on with the day's activities.

Anonymous said...

That mentality is also typical of men who thrill at animal domination and torture in ranching and rodeos, willful and wanton animal slaughter in recreational "hunting", shooting gophers for casual recreatiion. They can't stand gays because it obliterates their perceived god given mandate that men must always dominate women. Once you give someone power, they reject all logic that would reduce that power.
Why women support bush is beyond me. Perhaps it's a mindset that says, "never question the word of a dominant male - he loves and protects you." yeah right.

elaine said...

I agree that these are women who were raised to not question the authority of a man and were therefor not taught to think for themselves.

I have not noticed that W-stickered SUVs are driven by women. However I have noticed that the more obnoxiously close an SUV is riding on your bumper, the more likely they are to have a W sticker. I see the W as standing for "Warning: a--hole driver on board."