Thursday, October 05, 2006

Mike Fleming is an Anti-Gay Bigot

Homophobic is not really the right word, Mike Fleming is an anti-gay bigot. I haven't been on his radio show in a few years (?), but he calls me today and wants me to come on. Against the advice of most people, I like to go on his show because I love to take on right-wing bigots and I cannot be out-talked :) Its a gift and a curse...

Anyway, Mike wants to talk about the "rumours" about Republicans outing gay staffers to blame for the Fole-gate scandal. You never know what he has up his sleeve, so I go on and immediately he pulls out some blogger who claims HE is the source of the Foley messages and he waited until just before the elections to release them and hurt the "pro-family" Republicans. I don't know who the guy is, never heard of him... but I knew that ABC's Brent Ross has said that the source of the Foley messages were Republican...
(Now thinking back,I think Flemming (or I) was confusing the Foley messages that were leaked, with THE LIST of closted gay republicans.. if that was what he was talking about, that is a different issue from the naughty Foley messages to Pages...
As for THE LIST of closted gay staffers, there are "gay politicos" who have been threatening to release such a list, maybe that is what he is talking about..
As for my blog post about the GOP scapegoating closeted gay republicans, and blaming them for protecting Foley, that comes from a CBS report that quotes "House Republicans" who were concerned about a "network of gay Republican staffers" who may have done a "disservice" by trying to protect Foley.
Well, we had our usual yelling match, which you must do on right-wing talk radio if you want to be heard, because he will cut you off and has his own agenda, I had mine--focusing on the REPUBLICAN scandal and COVER-UP.

He tried to Blame Democats. He emphasized what Harold Ford Jr. and other Democrats knew, mentioned Marsha Blackburn, but tried to switch the issue to what Democrats knew, etc. I reminded him that it is REPUBLICANS who control congress and he should be asking what did MARSHA BLACKBURN know about Foley, since they were so close (socially and professionally..)

I pointed out that it is REPUBLICANS who are accusing Hasert and the GOP leadership of failing to do anything about Foley, and specifically, referred to the statements by KIRDK FORDHAM, former Chief of Staff to Foley, who says he warned Republican leaders about Foley three years ago..

Well since Mike was losing this argument he cut me off....
Then when I'm OFF the air he goes on about how congressional pages need to be protected from HOMOSEXUALS and pedophiles!

Mike, you are a two-faced bigot!

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David Holt said...

"Mike, you are a two-faced bigot!"

Duh... :-)