Wednesday, October 04, 2006

Get Ready for "The List" (The Coming Gay GOP Purge)

Get Ready.. the GOP and Karl Rove, are preparing their last desparate attempt to save the GOP in the November elections and fire up their anti-gay Religious Right base--they will blame the Foley scandal on "a cabal of gay staffers." Several blogs are reporting a developing story involving "the List"--a list of closeted gay Republican staffers who will be accused of protecting Foley and keeping information from the GOP Leadership.

You can read more about it on Joshua Marshall's Talking Points Memo and David Corns Blog

According to David Corn, The List includes 9 Chief of Staffs, 2 Press Secretaries and 2 directors of communications. He says that "some of the Religious Right's favorite representatives and senators have gay staffers helping to advance their agenda," including Katherine Harris, Bill Frist, George Allen, Mitch McConnell and Rick Santorum." I believe Rick Santorum's dir. of commmunications (or someone like that) came out recently and even praised Rick Santorum! One person sure to be on The List, Kirk Fordham, Mark Foley's ex-chief of staff and the current Chief of Stafff for Rep. Thomas Reynolds. (BREAKING NEWS: FORDHAM IS RESIGNING!)

I'm sure this is something Karl Rove is busy planning, and don't forget that he had a gay step father who he was said to be very close to....

If things were not already pretty difficult for gays in the Republican Party, it is going to get even worse in the coming weeks as gays are purged from the party in Washington D.C.

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