Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Foley Scandal & Uncle Tom Republicans

Initially, even I was sceptical of the attacks on Mark Foley, not because I like the man, but because I didn't see how asking a 16 year old congressional page for his picture made someone a "pedophile." But after seeing the more explicit emails and Instand Messages, he clearly went over the line of acceptable behavior, even if he is not technically a "pedophile" (sexual attraction toward pre-pubescent children).

Now Mark Foley "comes out" and says he is gay, and that he was molested as a child. Just what we need, another repressed homosexual Republican who decides to accept being gay after he is caught acting just like all those stereotypes the anti-gay religious right, the base of the Republican Party, pushes about gay men. The Family Research Council has already sent a press release blaming the Foley Scandal on "political correctness" that keeps society from treating every gay man as a pedophile who preys on children.

I'm not sure about Foley's record on supporting gay rights, but I imagine he was on the side of the ant-gay Republican Right most of the time. I call anti-gay conservative Republican homosexuals "Uncle Tom Republicans." Foley is now in the same club as James West (the anti-gay homosexual mayor of Spokane), Jeff Gannon (the the right-wing "journalist" and part-time gay hustler), Matt Drudge, Andrew Sullivan, and all the other "gay" Republicans who support an anti-gay party and who care more about getting capital gains tax cuts and nationalistic militarism than they do about the civil rights of their own "community." (and I have my suspicions of Glenn Beck, the new right-wing talking head on CNN.)

So, now I have no sympathay for Mark Foley or any other Uncle Tom Republican. Talk about "sick"...

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