Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Queer Anarchists Defend Destruction of Memphis Gay Solider Billboard

"Bash Back," a group of Queer Anarchists, Takes Credit for Destruction of Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center Billboard

The group mocks the MGLCC and Memphis gay community rallies against the vandalism as a "hate crime," and claim that the billboard was destroyed for promoting militarism. The Billboard featured a gay soldier saying "I am Gay and I Defended Your Freedom."

Bash Back: Memphis Anti-Gay Hate or Call Out Against Gay Militarism

On MySpace, Bash Back Memphis states:

We'll tear your heteronormative wet dream of corporate pride, gender roles, state militarism and marriage to shreds, and sew a fucking dress out of it. We are those trannies and queers your mother warned you about... We are Bash Back! Memphis.

Points of Unity:
1) I will fight for absolute liberation. Nothing more, nothing less.
2) I will reject capitalism, imperialism, and all other forms of state power.
3) I will actively oppose oppression both in and out of the “movement.”
4) I will respect a diversity of tactics in the struggle for liberation. I will not solely condemn an action on the grounds that the State deems it to be illegal.


OK, I have some problems with the mainstream "gay assimilationist" movement, but this going too far, and is counter-productive. I'm not convinced this group committed the act of vandalism, they may just be taking credit for it, like some terrorist groups like to do. And dressing up like Al-qaeda terrorists is not going to win support for "gay liberation" within or outside the "gay community."

UPDATE: Queer Anarchists Deny Destroying MGLCC Billboard


Jeffrey said...

"Repect diversity of tactics in the struggle for liberation." ?!

Well, they just blew that one the hell out of the water...if they really were the ones to vandalize the billboard.

Seriously, people! We have enough hatred in this town against us. Do I really need to make a list. The last thing we need is a community turned against itself. We had enough of that with the likes of Shane Trice. Or maybe that was the problem...Backstreet was shutdown and you couldn't get your Tina, so you had to take it out on something.

BroadSnark said...

Sigh. Not good for gay rights and not good for people taking us anarchists seriously.

Myron said...

Talk about counter-productive, the group has really taken things to far. I am suprised such a group exists.