Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Arkansas 10 Year Old Refuses to Cite Pledge Until Gays Can Marry

Well there's some hope for the future... even in Arkansas

Ten-Year Old Refuses to Cite Pledge of Allegiance Until Gays Can Marry

Arkansas 10 year old refuses to say Pledge of Allegiance because there is no "liberty and justice for all" as long as gay people do not have equal rights.

He puts a lot of older politicians to shame...

Anyway... Is The Pledge of Allegiance Un-American?


Myron said...

How admirable he is :). The pledge of a allegiance in its current state is so different from the original version it is sickening. The original version was simple and secular as it should of been.

Mr Spooky said...

Wow! This 10 year old child has knocked the speech right out of me! Good on him! His parent should be proud!
We have rallies across the country today to send a message to our (Australia) Prime Minister to allow gay couples to marry.... I'm not going to hold my breath, but I really wish someone would change the damn laws.