Saturday, November 14, 2009

Arrests in Attempt to Burn Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center Flag

Man Arrested for Attempting to Burn MGLCC Pride Flag
Memphis Police arrested 23-year-old Ross Burton early Wednesday morning after he attempted to burn the gay pride flag at the Memphis Gay & Lesbian Community Center (MGLCC).

A MGLCC billboard depicting gay local former Marine Tim Smith was destroyed in September. The billboard, located at Poplar and High, read, "I'm gay and I protected your freedom."

Update: Attempted Flag Burner Has Military Ties
Memphis Flyer is reporting that Ross Burton is a member of the Memphis-based 164th airlift wing of the Tennessee Air National Guard.

WMCTV: Second Arrest in MGLCC Vandalism

Towerland: Military Ties to MGLCC Arson, Second Man Arrested

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