Sunday, June 07, 2009

The Radical, Violent Right: Homegrown Terrorists

Here are some good articles I found on Alternet about the radical violent right and the radical anti-abortion terrorists:

A Brief History of the Radical, Violent Right: How Racist Hate Groups Joined With Anti-Abortion Terrorists
By James Ridgeway,
Alleged murderer Scott Roeder was once a white separatist before he became an anti-choice zealot -- many others have followed the same deadly path.

The Dangerous Lies of Anti-Choice Extremists

The Right's False Rhetoric on Abortion

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Myron said...

Honestly, I can understand they may have been raised this way, but why is this hate even still around? All of these Anti-abortionist, anti-gays, and even some radical right wingers who use God, religion, or nature to justify their claims are digusting in me opinion. It really makes me feel sad when any religion is being dragged further and further down a slope of hate.

I really hope this changes soon and all radical right wingers can learn to respect others wishes and choices. You Jim have the right to be an atheist and you even have the right to be gay I will say. No one can take that away from you and no one should try and take/change someone's ideas and ways away unless it is harmful.