Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Obama Grants (Some) Benefits to Gay Fed. Employees

Obama Grants (Some) Benefits to Gay Federal Employees
After a week of growing anger and frustration by gays & lesbians over his DOJ anti-gay brief defending the "Defense of Marriage Act," President Obama signed a memorandum granting SOME benefits to gay federal employees. He noted it was a small step, called the Defense of Marriage Act "discriminatory" and called for it to be repealed (again), and urged Congress to pass the Domestic Partners Benefits and Obligations Act, which would grant full benefits to gay employees, which are currently prohibited by the DOMA. The signing statement was rushed to counter gay anger over the DOJ anti-gay DOMA brief, and to salvage a DNC gay fundraiser next week, which many prominent gay leaders and activists are boycotting.

Obama's Statement on Gay Federal Benefits

This statement does not seem to be enough to calm the gay anger and frustration with the lack of any progress on the promises the DNC and Obama campaigns made to gay voters and supporters:

Gay Critics Say "Too Little, Too Late" From Obama
John Arovosis: Obama Betrays the Gay Community
Deb Price: Obama Backtracks on Gay Rights
NYT: Outcry o Federal Same-Sex Benefits

Maybe the Democrats in Congress got a wake up call and will do something now:
Rep. Barney Frank to Introduce ENDA Next Week

If the DNC wants to get any more gay money, they better ACT NOW!

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Myron said...

Well finally Obama is doing something for the LGBT community. Maybe this will raise the Dallas Principles up to 1% equality achieved?