Saturday, May 09, 2009

Those Crazy Libertarians

Now that the Republican Party is falling apart with no leader or direction, many right-wing nuts are jumping ship and joining the LIBERTARIAN Party. Fewer people identify themselves as "Republicans" but more are calling themselves "Libertarian." Most people I talk to who claim to be libertarian really don't know all the wacko Libertarian beliefs (i.e. unregulated capitalism, no government programs like Social Security, etc.)

Here's a great website for reading up on the intellectual arguments for and against libertarianism:
Critiques of Libertarianism

For the less intellectual, here's a great video promoting the "Libertarian Paradise" (Somalia)

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Myron said...

I know quite a couple of libertarians too. I find it interesting how many people are becoming moderate libertarians. Many just say they want to government out of their lives and they do not want a government that runs everything.

I keep hearing libertarians saying they want society to go back to the people and to what the founders wanted. Back to people??? Libertarianism is not a society of the people, but a society of selfish individuals. And many say the consitution supports thier claims. Please, the founders did not want a libertarian society.