Monday, May 18, 2009

Torture and Hypocrisy: Pelosi v. Cheney

How in the hell did the Democrats in Congress allow the Republicans to get an upper hand on the issue of torture?
House Minority Leader John Boehner Says Pelosi Should Back Up Her Allegation that the CIA Lied to Her

After form V.P. Dick Cheney's trail of LIES and WAR CRIMES, the GOP has been able to take the media spotlight off of the crimes of Bush & Cheney and focus the country's attention on whether Speaker Nancy Pelosi LIED, or knew about TORTURE, which Cheney and the GOP have been arguing is NOT torture?

How inept are the Democrats?? Do they not know how to play rough politics? If Newt Gingrich can still grab headlines calling for Nancy Pelosi to be removed, why can't the Democrats call Dick Cheney a war criminal and try him for lying about Iraq, Al Qaeda, authorizing torture, etc. ??? Cheney is such an EASY target, and the Democrats can't even take him down??

Let's have a "truth commission" and expose the crimes!

Lanny Davis: The Cheney Care: INDICT CHENEY ON TORTURE!

Laura Flanders: Pelosi or Cheney? Who's the Torturer in Chief?

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Myron said...

Agreed Jim, but as liberals, I guess they figure they should rise above pointing fingers at each other. It is the whole, "They started it" game. If they know Pelosi did not lie, they would not take the bait the reps are throwing.

But I agree we should try Cheney and Bush for the torture they DID commit to people.