Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Stand Up for Single-Payer National Healthcare!

The Big Med lobby is fighting hard against a single-payer universal health insurance program, and they are even trying to kill Obama's proposed public health insurance option in the "healthcare reform" being debated in Congress. The Big Med industry has successfully killed any discussion of the single-payer option in the current debates in Congress. Sen. Max Bacchus, Chair of the Sen. Finance Committee, is chairing a committee to discuss healthcare "reform" that does not include ONE advocate for single-payer health insurance!

If we are going to have REAL healthcare "reform" we need to organize and get active NOW! Once again, the healthcare industry is KILLING serious healthcare reform, and is killing the ONLY option that will provide universal healthcare for every American, without all the cost and waste of the private insurance industry.

Get Active, Get Involved, Contact your Representatives and ask them to support the National Universal Healthcare Bill HR 676!

These groups are working for you, and need your support:

Healthcare Now!

Physicians for a National Health Program

Progressive Democrats of America

Universal Healthcare Action Network

Democratic Socialists of America

You may have seen the ad by the "Conservatives for Patients' Rights" (CPR). The ad is filled with lies. Rick Scott, the sponsor of the CPR ads, is the discredited owner of Columbia/HCA, of the the largest private health care companies in the world. In 1997, his board of directors removed him during the largest health care fraud scandal in the U.S. The company was forced to pay $1.7 billion in fines for overbilling state and federal government health plans.

The ad features the former president of the Canadian Medical Association (the Canadian version of the AMA) who is another opponent of public health care and an advocate of private for profit health insurance. Dr. Day, whose private surgical clinic in Canada is under investigation by the B.C. govenment for illegal billing, does NOT represent the values of Canadians or the views of most doctors in Canada.

Read the Open Letter to President Obama from the Canadian Health Coalition

(One of the leading crusaders for private insurance and against public single-payer insurance in Canada, Dr. Jacques Chaoulli had a patient DIE in the waiting room of one of his clinics because Dr. Chaoulli withheld cardiopulmonary resuscitation, a basic procedure than any public health facility would have administered to save a patient's life!)

Don't belive the LIES of the for profit private health insurance industry!

Here's a great video from the Democratic Socialists of America demonstrating the need for a SINGLE-PAYER health insurance program in the United States:

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