Monday, May 11, 2009

Anti-Gay Bigots LIE!

Anti-gay religious bigots get all worked up over a "sin" that is not even in the Top Ten Commandments, but they sure piss all over one of the biggies: THOU SHALT NOT LIE!

The Christo-Fascist "World Net Daily News" has been stirring right-wing opposition to the Local Law Enforcement Hate Crimes Prevention Act of 2009 (Hate Crimes Bill) by confusing "sexual orientation" with paedophilia, and calling the bill the "Pedophile Protection Act."

Faith2Action's anti-gay crusader Janet Porter has been leading the right-wing campaign to kill the Hate Crimes Prevention Act, falsely claiming that the hate crimes bill would infringe on the religious freedom and freedom of speech of Christians and would protect pedophiles and other "sexual deviants."

First, there is nothing in the Hate Crimes Bill to infringe on any one's freedom of speech! The bill clearly targets CRIMINAL ACTS that target people based on race, gender, religion, handicap, sexual orientation or gender identity. People can say or think whatever they want about gays, or Jews, but they cannot commit CRIMINAL ACTS! If someone commits CRIMINAL ACT, like physically attacking or killing someone because they are Jewish or gay, the bill will provide FEDERAL resources to prosecute the crime and enhanced penalties. (Our criminal justice system takes motivation into account in sentencing crimes.)

Second, religious fundamentalists are free to preach their anti-gay bigotry, as long as they don't preach VIOLENCE against people who are gay, Jewish, etc. Why are bigots like Janet Porter defending violence against gay people as "freedom of speech" or "freedom of religion"???

These Christo-fascist anti-gay campaigns are not just targeting the U.S. Congress, they are sowing their anti-gay bigotry across the states. Here in Tennessee they are using the very same radical right-wing propaganda against a state hate crimes bill and against a non-discrimination ordinance here in Memphis!

A group of anti-gay preachers have formed an ad hoc group, Memphis City Churches, to fight the Shelby County non-discrimination ordinance, using the same lies they used against the hate crimes bill. Memphis City Churches is a front group for the Christo-fascist Traditional Values Coalition

If you live in Memphis or Tennessee, visit the Tennessee Equality Project to take action against this anti-gay bigotry and support LGBT civil rights in Tennessee

Take Action on the Shelby County Non-Discrimination Ordinance

Take Action on the Tennessee Hate Crimes Bill

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Myron said...

It all makes you shake your head. I am so disgusted with this neo-conservative and fundamental religious propaganda against non- heterosexuals.

Gay Opinions said...

You have made an excellent argument that religious nuts use false premises to spread their message of hate. I would say these religious nuts are well aware of this, however, and have no qualms about lying in order to promote their mean spirited agenda.