Thursday, September 21, 2006

Imagine There's No Religion...

Religion and politics are a dangerous combination. It seems like Democrats and Republicans are both playing the religion card to appeal to religious voters. The Republican Religious Right have repeated the lie that liberals are "ungodly" and hostile to religion so much that Democrats have even bought it. Harold Ford Jr. filmed an ad in a Baptist church to show that he has religion, and "knows right from wrong." American Atheists say Ford has crossed the line separating church and state. Sometimes Ford Jr. sounds more like a preacher than a politician. A dangerous combination.
Pope Benedict continues his crusade against science and reason, condemning Europeans and Western society for embracing science and secularism on his recent trip to Germany. Just Imagine a World Without Religion! Hard to believe millions of people still follow the leader of that archaic cult. I can't think of any institution that has done more harm to western civilization than the Catholic Church.


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