Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Anti-Gay "Values Voter Summit" Attacks "Faggots"

From ThinkProgress

"Values Voter Summit" Features Attack on "Faggots";
Claim That Gay Rights Movement Inspired "From The Pit
Of Hell Itself"

This weekend, some of the nation's leading
conservatives from Tony Snow and Attorney
General Gonzales to Sen. George Allen (R-VA) and Gov.
Mike Huckabee (R-AK) to Ann Coulter and Sean Hannity,
appeared at the Family Research Council's "Values Voter Summit."

An hour and a half after Snow's speech, Bishop
Wellington Boone, founder of the Wellington Boone
Ministries, took the stage and announced, “I
want the gays mad at me.” Boone said that while
“the gays” are “saying a few
things” about him, “they’re not
coming at me strong." In an effort to change
that, Boone declared:

Back in the days when I was a kid, and we see guys
that don't stand strong on principle, we call
them "faggots". [People] that don't stand up for
what's right, we say, "You're sissified
out!" "You're a sissy!" That means you
don't stand up for principles."

As Right Wing Watch notes, another speaker at the
conference later claimed the gay rights movement was
inspired "from the pit of hell itself" and has a
"satanic anointment." He suggested that the
anti-Christ is himself gay, citing a verse from the
book of Daniel saying the anti-Christ will have no
desire for a woman.

Full transcript:
Think Progress

1 comment:

Peterson Toscano said...

Fascinating, especially when we see the virulent attacks against LGBT people come from both the CHURCH and WORLD. How rare to have these two agree, at least accoring to an Evangelical Christian perspective.

The children of Light and the children of darkness typically have nothing in common.

The whole thing is suspect and should get Christians questioning the real origins of their anti-gay feelings.