Thursday, August 24, 2006

What the *uck! (Media Rant!)

What the *uck is going on with the media in this country?! I'm sick, sick sick of hearing all the details about that nut John Mark Karr. Every cable "news" channel is covering every detail of his plane trip here and there, what he ate and drunk, blah blah blah.. and a federal judge ruled that THE PRESIDENT OF THE UNITED STATES IS A CRIMINAL! Bush has violated the law and the Constitution he swore with an oath to protect.. but not a word on any of these "news" channels!!

Where is the political discussion about the illegal war, the criminal in the white house, IMPEACHMENT! We impeached a President for getting a blow job with a bimbo and had 24 hour news coverage of every detail of that, but nothing on this criminal administration and its crimes!

I think i'm going to pluck my eyeballs out with a spoon if I see one more image of that crazy wacko or see JonBenet Ramsey dancing on my TV again...

Why do ALL of the cable talk shows have CONSERVATIVE hosts??? Not ONE liberal progressive, or even a MODERATE, on ANY cable news/talk show! O'Reilly, Fox, the "beltway boys", Scarborough, Tucker, now CNN has added another right-winger, Glenn Beck! Where are the progressives and liberals??? All we have are blogs on the internet??

What is wrong with this country??? Am I going crazy???

OK... I'm collecting what is left of my sanity to ask, what is wrong with "Progressive Talk 680"?? Who is programing that radio station?? First they put a CONSERVATIVE local talk show host who preached religious nonsense against evolution and gay rights, then they took him off (finally) and do not replace him with a REAL progressive talker (hello???), and now we get long gaps of SILENCE between repeats of the "history of Memphis" and "history of food" and that crazy RANDY THE REPUBLICAN caller. Is there ANYONE in charge of the programming over there? Surely there are plenty of INFORMED PROGRESSIVE talkers, inlcuding many on this and similar blogs, who could fill some of that wasted air space with some meaningful and entertaining POLITICAL COMMENTARY. (Maybe we should start calling their "blue hotline" and leaving daily messages and hope they will air them insead of RANDY or the history of twinkies...)

Ok I am going to go try to relax and watch TV without seeing or hearing anything about Jonbenet or John Karr...

Oh no, Harold Ford Jr. is on MSNBC AGAIN! He talks about his grandma and how mean his Republican opponents were to him, but his grandma taught him to just say "bless you" to your enemies, and he is going to grow corn in Tennessee and lower gas prices...and the conservative hosts and guests say how good Jr is and how he is their favorite Democrat. (If you campaign as a "pro-life", "pro-family" democrat who will fight to ban gay marriage you can win in Tennessee!)
Chris Matthews likes Jr.! Imus Loves him too! And Ann Coutler.. oh I'm geting sick.

(Sorry I had to let all that out... think I'm going to cry now..)

Wake me when this nightmare is over...

Jim M.

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Evil said...

Um, we do have Olbermann. Check him out, he's pretty good.

Good rant though.