Friday, August 04, 2006

Election Thoughts

Thanks to everyone who took the extra step of writing my name in for U.S. Senate Aug. 3. Assuming most of the write In votes were for me in this race, I think I got about 200 votes in Shelby County, not sure about the rest of the state. Have to wait until the final election results are published. (200 votes ain't bad for a write-in campaign with no money spent on advertising...last time I ran against Jr. in 2004 I got about 160 votes..)

As much as I would love to see the Democrats take back the Senate (it ain't gonna happen), I am supporting the REAL 'democratic' candidate for Senate in November, Green Party candidate Chris Lugo Look at his platform and ask why doesn't Harold Ford Jr. support these democratic principles?

Congrats to Steve Cohen and Steve Mulroy for their victories! There are still some progressive democrats in this state, and they can win elections!

Question, if Cohen wins the Senate in November, what happens to his TN Senate seat?

Who will be filling his shoes in Nashville?

Let's get Cohen elected to the Senate and Stop Amendment 1 in November!

I'm having a political identity crisis!
I'm going to be doing some serious thinking about whether to keep trying to work in the Democratic Party, or join the Socialist Party and support a party that shares my goals--Democratic Socialism.

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