Saturday, August 05, 2006


Harold Ford Jr. is now the official Demcratic Party candidate for U.S. Senate in November, but I willl not support him and neither should any "progressive" democrat. I've heard the excuses for supporting him: the Democrats need to take back the Senate, if they do take back Congress the Democrats will impeach Bush, we shouldn't vote for a third party candidate and help the Republicans win, etc..

Bullshit! Do people really think that conservative/centrist Democrats like Harold Ford Jr. will IMPEACH Bush/Cheney?? These "democrats" SUPPORTED the illegal invasion of Iraq! They SUPPORTED every dime of military spending to support the illegal invasion and occupation! They have supported almost every major piece of the Republican Agenda! (OK, EXCEPT stem cell research..)

Just look at the past few months:
Harold ford Jr. voted with 34 Democrats for the Republican ant-gay Federal Marriage Amendment
Harold Ford Jr. voted with 30 or so Democrats for the Republican "flag burning" amendment
Harold Ford Jr. voted with the same 39 Demcrats for the Republican bill to "protect" the theocratic "Under God" Pledge of Allegiance from Federal Courts.
Just last week, Harold Ford Jr. voted with the same 34 Democrats to support the REPUBLICAN legislation to raise the minimum wage ONLY BY CUTTING THE ESTATE TAXES FOR THE RICH! The wet dream of the Republican Party!

Why should we reward Democrats who vote like Republicans? Why should we reward anti-gay politics? Why should we verify their arguments that the only way for them to win is to support conservative positions on these issues? If we vote for him aren't we rewarding this kind of spineless DLC politics?

Nope, I'm not falling for this! I'm supporting the Green Party candidate Chris Lugo for Senate becuase he has a PROGRESSIVE PLATFORM, I'm not going to vote for a centrist/conservative Democrat again!

I'm updating my Stop Harold Ford Web Page and will continue my campaign against Harold Ford Jr. and the Republican wing of the Democratic Party.

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