Wednesday, June 21, 2006

It's Official!

I have been certified by the State Office of Elections as a Write-In Candidate for US Senate in the August 3, 2006 State and Federal Primary Election.

In 2004, Rep. Harold For Jr. switched his stated position against the “Federal Marriage Amendment” and crossed party lines to vote for the Republican anti-gay amendment, contradicting his stated position that the issue should be left to the states. This put him in opposition to the position of the Democratic Party presidential candidate, John Kerry, and the DNC. Harold Ford Jr. has sided with the Republican Party and the anti-gay Religious Right to support writing discrimination against gays and lesbians into the U.S.Constitution.

Now Harold Ford Jr. is running for the U.S. Senate, and he is running as a conservative. He is running AGAINST gay civil rights! He is running AGAINST women’s reproductive rights! As a progressive gay Democrat, I cannot support a candidate who is campaigning against my civil rights to win an election!

This is not the only issue in which Harold Ford Jr. has sided with the conservative Republicans and George W. Bush. He has done so on many issues: the Iraq War, using public money to fund Bush’s “faith-based” initiatives, eroding the separation of church and state, privatizing social security, cutting taxes for the corporate rich, cutting estate taxes, etc.

Progressive Democrats need a voice in this primary election! I am offering my name as a write-in candidate for the U.S. Senate to give progressive and liberal voters a real choice when they vote on August 3.

Please vote August 3, and write-in Jim Maynard for the U.S. Senate!

Jim Maynard

I also urge all progressive Democrats to vote for Steve Cohen for the House of Representatives, Dist. 9. Let’s put a real progressive in Congress!


Gary said...

So how does the write-in process work if you are also voting (with these stupid new electronic machines) for other offices? Do you have a write-in ballot that supplements that?
The last time I did a write-in was years ago and that was in Roane County with a paper ballot.
Here in Madison County we've gone electronic and have several other primary contests.

Jim Maynard said...

Write In Voting
Gary, it is very easy to "write-In" a vote with the electronic voting machines, you should be able to select "write in" and type in my name.

If you are voting on the older machines, you will have to ask for a write-in ballot before you vote.


Brassmask said...

Hey, Jim,

It is really exciting to think that I will be able to cast my vote for a real live person who has real stances that echo with my own beliefs (and lack thereof as well!).

Would it be wrong of me to ask you to let us know why it would better to vote for you rather than Chris Lugo with the Green Party?

Jim Maynard said...

Write In Voting..
I have just learned that the election commission has taken write-in voting off the new voting machines..
To write-in your vote you MUST ask for a paper ballot!

You can vote for me in the Democratic Parimary Aug. 3, and vote for Chrus Lugo (Green Party) in the General Election in Nov... that is probably what I am going to do, since I will not be running in the General Election... since Chris Lugo is already on the ballot and we share the same political platform!

Brassmask said...


RedStateExile said...


Congrats on running! I'll definitely write you in. I'm so sick of politicians that put a "D" behind their name when they're really Republicans in drag (ugly drag at that!).

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