Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Candidates at MidSouth Pride

Several Democratic Candidates made an appearance or spoke at this years Midsouth Pride last Saturday in Peabody Park:
Gail Mathes, Candidate for District Attorney
Judge Paula Skahan, Candidate for Criminal Court-Div. 1
Wayne VanDeVeer, Candidate for Judge, General Sessions 4
Rep. Steve Cohen, Candidate for Congress (House Dist. 9)
In his speech, Cohen mentioned one of his opponents (i.e., Ed Stanton), has been attacking him for his vote against the Tennessee anti-gay marriage amendment in phone-bank calls.
Shame on Ed Stanton for attacking a fellow Democrat for voting against writing prejudice and bigotry into the U.S. Constitution!

[I LEFT OFF LEE HARRRIS, candidate for Congress, House Dist. 9 ]
He was there too...


Anonymous said...

I saw Lee Harris out there too. He is running for Congress as well. He was out there shaking hands and handing out literature.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Stanton was speaking this weekend and attacking Cohen over the gay marriage issue again.

Has anyone else heard much about this feud?

Anonymous said...

I read on another blog that the Stanton campaign is polling people and asking questions like "Would you vote for born-again Christian or a Jew?"

It seems like Stanton is really going at Cohen.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Judge Paula Skahan has over 20 years of experience and the other lady only has 2 whole years and has never had a jury trial. Talk about bad candidates. The only thing the other candidate has against Judge Paula Skahan is her private life with what "THEY" call her "female lover". Don't push a great judge with the highest rating (www.mba.com) off the bench for a no experience lacker. People this is serous - Vote Judge Paula Skahan

Anonymous said...

I agree Anonymous 5:04
It is in the best intrest of Shelby County to vote for Judge Paula Skahan. If you don't vote in Division One you are taking a chance on letting a lacker with no qualification or experience take the place of a well qualified Judge. Shelby County vote Judge Paula Skahan. Keep the Best Judges we have.