Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Ann Coulter is a Fascist Bitch

Ann Coulter has a new trashy anti-liberal book (GODLESS: THE CHURCH OF LIBERALISM) and continues her nasty, hateful attacks on liberals. In prior books and statements, she has mocked Vietnam Veteran Max Cleland and joked about his loss of body parts in battle, and called him a coward. Now she calls the widows of 9/11 victims "witches" and accuses them of getting joy out of their husbands deaths and using them for political gain.

Ann Coulter is an evil fascist bitch! I hate this woman. She is a right-wing nut-case who needs psychological help.
She is a big hypocrite! She is no Christian! First, how can she be taken seriously when she looks like a slut on her books covers and barely covers her wafer-thin body with clothing in public! And since she is single, she is either a lesbian or a whore, because I doubt she has been celibate out of wedlock, so that makes her a hypocrite.

She obviously writes these horrible books and says crazy things for profit. I doubt she really believes any of this crap.

Die in hell BITCH!

I'm an atheist, but I hope there is some eternal torment for people as evil as Coulter!


knibilnats said...

Wait... there are people like you in Tennessee? What happened to the red state, blue state divide?

Simon said...

All right-wing nut-jobs needs psychiatric help. But try telling them that.