Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Dems Court Evangelical Christians

There was a headline story today about Sen. Barrack Obama chastising Demcrats for failing to "acknowledge the power of faith in the lives of the American people," and going on to say that the Democratic Party must compete for the support of evangelicals and church going people... He also criticized "secularists" on issues like the Pledge of Allegiance.

I suppose that out of political necessity, the Democratic Party does need to reach out to evangelicals, IF they can make the case that liberal/progressive values are not incompatible with Chrsitianity or religion, as the Republican Reich argues. However, I am very uncomfortable with pandering to homophobic christo-fascists.

Obama is giving in to the Ann Coulter argument that liberals (and Democrats) are "godless". Where is the evidence of this?
I see just the opposite. From Jimmy Carter to Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Joe Lieberman, the Democrats have been TOO religious for me. And wasn't Jimmy Carter a more spiritual/religious President than Ronald Reagan? Didn't Bill Clinton, Al Gore and Lieberman quote a lot of Bible verses in their speeches? Did Clinton ever make a speech without quoting the Bible.

No, I believe the Democrats have failed to defend the separation of church and state, and have failed to defend secular government, and now they are pandering to the religious fanatics who want a theocratic government.

What is really going on? Like the "liberal media" mantra of the Republican Right, the "godless" liberal mantra is a lie being used to force the Democrats into embracing Christian nationalism and to further erode the wall of separation between church and state. The Democratic Party must not be coerced into giving in to the debate on church/state separation and embracing the Christian Nationalism that has taken control of the Republican Party.

It is not Christians and church going people who are under attack.. it is secular humanists and non-theists who are under attack! It is scary that both political parties are pandering to the religious majority and ignoring at best the secular non-theists. As if current events in the world do not demonstrate that religion divides people into waring tribes, the future of humanity requires secular governments and more rational approaches to nature and society. Religion is destroying the human race!

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