Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Race, Religion & Prop. 8: Debating LGBT Political Strategy

OK, after all the protests in CA and across the country against the Mormon and Roman Catholic Churches, and the anti-gay homophobia in the Black churches, some are accusing us of attacking religion and blaming the African-American community for Prop. 8.

First, I agree that we cannot blame the passage of Prop. 8 on African-Americans. While they overwhelming voted for it (70%), they were only a small percentage of the population. It was overwhelmingly WHITE people who are responsible for Prop. 8. Yes, WHITE homophobia and bigotry is as much, probably more, of a problem for LGBT people. However, let's not overlook the political reality that many liberal Democrats publicly oppose "gay marriage" mainly to win black votes in many cities and districts.

However, it was RELIGIOUS FUNDAMENTALISTS, Mormons and Catholics who voted for prop. 8. I think it is fair to target the religious groups who FUNDED the Yes on 8 campaign, and to demand the freedom FROM their religions!

The underlying problem is these people do not understand or support the separation of church and state! The ONLY arguments they have against marriage equality is their religious beliefs about marriage! It is NOT attacking religion to demand the freedom FROM other people's religious beliefs and stand up for the Constitutional separation of Church and State!

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