Friday, November 07, 2008

Protests Against Prop. 8 in CA

Thousands Protest Gay-Marriage Ban in Los Angeles

About 2,000 protest outside Mormon temple in L.A. This is what we have to do: Take on the religious bigots who fund anti-gay discrimination.

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UPDATE: More Protests in CA

Same-Sex Marriage Bans Paradoxical in Historic Election

Marital Discord: Why Prop. 8 Won


Anonymous said...

While I did not vote in favor of Proposition 8, here my problems with your stance.

#1. The stance taken by the LDS church is identical to that taken by the current President-elect, with the only exception being gay adoption. However, I don't see you labeling your new president-elect a bigot or accusing him of discrimination. Matter of fact, all the crowds I saw in San Jose and San Francisco cheered quite loudly in favor of his election. There's a bit of hypocrisy there.

#2. You didn't have a problem with this amendment till it passed. It seems apparent that if it had failed, you'd have claimed it's validity to the ends of the world. In the end, you gambled and you lost and are now acting like little children who have been sent to their rooms.

I didn't vote in favor of proposition 8, but seeing the true bigotry of your own supports coming out in full light now, I will not support any legislation in favor of gay marriage. I'll fight to the ends of the Earth to ensure equal rights, but marriage is not a right. It is a ceremony. And groups like this who act like this just prove that this is not an issue of hate for the religious right, but the gay community trying to force their lifestyle on the rest of the world.

Never again.

Jim Maynard said...

Marriage is not a "right"? Really? Read your constitution, if you haven't burned it yet.

Why is one group exercising their right to "life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness" "forcing their lifestyle on the rest of the world" ?? Like religious fundamentalists?

And for the record, Barack Obama OPPOSED Prop. 8!

Anonymous said...

Tax the church! If the church is allow to influence politics why aren't they getting taxed.

Drew said...

Tax! Tax! Tax!

Michael said...

I’ve struggled with the interpretation of moral values for most of my life. Since early childhood, we are taught at an early age to shun, discriminate against anyone that doesn’t fit our own set of personal moral values, rather it be race, creed, sexual orientation, and a long list of others.

That is a long time of implied views on what shapes our character, views of other minorities, and the bigotries we instill in our own set of moral values. In trying to understand others view point, you can’t help but to project your own views of what you are feeling at the time.

If you aren’t subjugated to discrimination you are more likely to discriminate. If you are discriminated against, you are less likely to project discrimination on others. Boy was I wrong! It seems to me that the ones that were discriminated against are turning to discriminating against other minorities, which is sad! Forget not whence ye came!

You don’t have to look far back in history to view rampant racism, bigotry, but does it still exist? The answer is sadly, yes! Even though this year we have elected our first black president, our racism, bigotry, prejudices are still visible. The votes on prop 8, Arizona & Florida were sadly, a reminder to me that we as a people have come a long way, but still have very far to go!

What it gives us is hope for the future. America does show, however, the remarkable achievement of the civil rights movement and King’s achievement of equality for blacks, there is hope for all. We as a people looked past race, stereotypes, bigotry, and our own misguided prejudice to elect this wonderful man to lead our great nation!

Some people have the luxury of never being discriminated against, count your blessings, others have to endure it on a daily basis. Which I have come to realize makes us stronger and more in tune to overcome challenges we face. My partner and I of 14 years have no intention on marrying, but we don’t have that option to choose, if we did! Some say marriage is an institution, but most end in divorce, which is against the very principle of marriage in the first place. When two people are joined as one how can they separate?

Michael said...

I was stunned to hear that 70%+ of Blacks & Hispanics supported Prop 8, Arizona & Florida! If it is that easy to discriminate against your fellow minority, how easy will it be for a right wing activist to put on a ballot to discriminate against Blacks & Hispanics. Over-turn State statutes, State courts, hell even Federal statutes! Blacks & Hispanics forget they are 13% & 15% minorities! We must stick together as minorities, not put wedge issues between us.

Blacks are quick to say that it isn’t the same struggle, but it is, whether they admit it or not! Discrimination is what it is, Discrimination! White churches still speak out against Blacks, doesn’t make it right, so I’m quick to defend Black interests! Not anymore, what they showed me on Prop 8 is they only care for themselves! Blacks have come along way in 40+ years, but it doesn’t take long to fall, either!

Without the support of other minorities and Whites that have compassion on Blacks & Hispanics struggles, you wouldn’t be where you are today! Think about that when you allow bigotry & prejudices to influence your lives! With Prop 8 so easily crafted to throw out a State Supreme Court ruling, how easy will it be for them to throw out Civil Rights legislation? Didn’t think about that, did you? Black & Hispanics have lost my voice for their causes and their struggles! End Affirmative action, control our boarders, and throw them all out on their ears!

What there needs to be is a Federal Amendment to ban special interest ballots or ballots all together! I also noticed Abortion Bans on several State ballots, but they didn’t pass!