Thursday, November 13, 2008

More on Prop. 8 Fallout and Gay Marriage

Here's a column I wrote in the Memphis Flyer on the issues surrounding Prop. 8:

Incomplete Victory: Passage of California's Proposition 8 Left Gays and Lesbians on the Outside

And here's Dan Savage taking on Tony Perkins (Family Research Council) on CNN:


Hope4Equality said...

The g/l anger regarding Prop 8 is certainly understandable and reasonable. What is not reasonable is their focus on the Mormon Church. The frustration should be focused on the State. This is a constitutional issue not a voting issue. The Church has the same rights as everyone else in this country. Note - I am not Mormon. I simply ask that individual rights be respected. I don't concur with their beliefs but they are entitled to their beliefs just as the g/l communities are entitled to theirs. Please read my blog concerning this issue:

Warmest Regards, Hope4Equality

elaine said...

Actually, the Mormon Church does not have the right to speak out and campaign on specific legislation if they want to maintain their tax-free non-profit status.

Now individual Mormons of course have the right to speak out and contribute to Prop 8, and those opposed to it also have the right to speak out against the Mormons. While I SUPPORT the Mormons' right to free speech, I don't RESPECT the Mormons' individual rights to go out of their way to disrespect other people's lives.